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1. How the recently enacted FACT Act impacts your credit rights...
2. Where you can obtain all 3 of your credit reports instantly and online completely
FREE, and
without having a credit card or checking account, or signing-up for any
"credit monitoring" subscriptions or other such paid services...
3. What types of "bad credit" mortgage lenders don't care about...
4. The fastest legal ways to build credit and the common mistakes many people make
in this effort that can actually
hurt you...
5. The fastest credit fix after a bankruptcy that most people do not employ.
6. What's the one type of credit account that all mortgage lenders give highest priority...
7. What you should know before you buy your FICO score online.
8. How to qualify for a popular and highly-desirable mortgage loan even when you
have "bad" credit...
9. How to deal with "unremovable" bad credit and still improve your credit profile...
10. The "scams" and credit repair methods which

You don't need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on credit repair through
"credit" law firms and credit repair clinics. There are no magic secrets, loopholes or
"tricks" which they know that will fix your credit any faster or more effectively than you can
do on your own. Laws and regulations which govern the activities and guidelines by
which credit bureaus can report your credit history are very clear and to the point. The
Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which oversees and regulates the behavior and
practices of the credit reporting industry through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, advises
that the best credit repair available is the credit repair you can do yourself. Furthermore,
the FTC will warn you that negative credit marks resulting from bankrupticies,
judgements or collection accounts can NOT magically be removed. There are, however,
strategies for dealing with adverse credit items, and this manual provides insight on
how to make the most out of a bad credit history, and end up with positive results by
getting the loan you want. Don't let bad credit hurt you any longer.



The PDQ DIY Online Credit Repair Manual is available for immediate access.
It's only $9.95 complete, and you can begin the process of fixing, repairing,
building or re-building your credit within minutes.

You'll receive an e-mail from NuWest Media within minutes of your purchase with
instructions to begin accessing your credit reports, so you can then start your credit
repair and improvement.