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1.  I have equity , too many bills ,  I have income
      I need a loan
              Answer ...Refinance  
 2.  My payment is too high on my mortgage ,
  I want to stay but only if i can pay less, I work
   but don't make what i used to.
              Answer ...Loan Modification *
 3. Can't afford house , don't want house , can't sell   house.          ANSWER ...SHORT SALE
4. I have too many bills , can't afford house
     everyone is calling me , i have no job
              ANSWER ... SHORT SALE first , then BANKRUPTCY 
 5. I want to buy a house, prices are low ,
      I have 3.5 % down, and income on tax returns
       I pay my bills on time in the last year, my credit score  is  around 600 or more.
               Answer.. Purchase Money Mortgage
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* warning the use of the word or words loan modification or modify is for informational purposes . only individuals or a business licensed with the  State of Florida ,Bureau of Finance Regulation can offer and be compensated for a Loan Modification
in Florida.  This may also include Attorneys who solicit you  . Do not give any money upfront to anyone.  Check with the Bureau of Finance Regulation  

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Recently a homeowner told me they were talking to their bank who agreed to give them a temporary three month trial period with reasonable payments they could afford .  When they recieved the papers they questioned the wording . It looked like they had to make temporary payments for the amount  they were behind , PLUS their  same normal payment they had each month before their problem  . They were assured over the phone to just make the new payments .  Attached you will find the wording the BANK  used . What this does is give them legal leverage to show you didn't live up to the new
plan plus  they receive 3 months of payments from unsuspecting homeowners who really believe their
problem is solved addition the bank begins the foreclosure process by sending legal papers to you.
YOU MUST ANSWER THEM FORMALLY THRU THE COURTS ...  when you only pick up the phone to talk to the customer service department and are assured of your "plan" or assume that you are in a trial period with your lender  so you ignore the documents ... time
goes by and you lose some legal rights. 

click here to download file SAMPLE LOAN MOD OR FOREBEARANCE


the following is a link with excellent information
given by a lawyer , there are a few local lawyers that specialize in different situations , the trick is to see the right specialist for your situation ...again this is for informational purposes only and i do not  specifically recommend  or even know  that  Orlando firm
  click below

click here (why a lawyer?).

Investors will buy your unwanted house even if you have no equity !
The sale will be negotiated  with the bank  and you may avoid  foreclosure  . YOU can find a new home , move on and buy  a house of your choice with Lower Monthly payments   at TODAYS MARKET VALUE    with  Second Chance  Financing as low as 6.5% fixed rate  provided*
* no credit score required . Income required.
Current Late on Mortgage OK. New Payments
must cure situation.

What's a short sale anyway?
A short sale is a potential sale where the seller owes more on the property than it is worth .
The Bank must allow the owner to sell the property  by taking less money than what is owed to them .
(like being upside down on a car )
For example , if you bought your house a while ago
and owe  $300000  but you can't sell it because today
no one wants to buy it for  more than $200000.
you are trapped unless you make up the difference
or apply to your lender to "forgive " the difference .
THIS short sale application is what we specialize
in . The lender wants to make sure that you can't
pay the difference ,  and /or can't afford the payment and also wants to verify that the value is such that if they foreclose , the bank  will end up losing money (perhaps more money)  than by working with you  to sell your house .

HOW is what you do different ?
HOW are YOU going to sell my house ?
The typical Agent lists your house for sale and waits
for offers .  Everyone knows it is a short sale and they must wait 2 months to 1 year or more for the bank to get its act together and accept your buyers offer . Typically , you will get an offer from a buyer ,
and everyone waits and waits and waits.....meanwhile the buyer is looking for something else that's better or faster or cheaper and backs out on you ,leaving you to start over from scratch. Because the offer is all based on the Bank's Acceptance, there was never an acceptance so the buyer is free to leave (leaving you high and dry)   

on the same day that you hire me to sell your house ,
you will get an offer to buy the house from a cash investor. We will send a complete package about your situation to your bank including a contract from a cash buyer.  The banks process starts .
If the bank responds with a fair price , my cash buyer buys it  , you are done , and he sells it again for a profit .
If the bank is stubborn and wants top dollar , my investor steps aside  but ,
believe it or not , homes are selling fast even in this market , but everyone wants a bargain and everyone
wants to move in TODAY not in 5 months .

IF you are selling your home that is you primary residence , laws have changed and the cancellation of debt , or the debt that is forgiven , should in almost all cases be NOT TAXABLE under the new laws.
if you have rental property, in most cases , it will be a business loss and will not be taxable
Please consult a specialist in this area not just an attorney or just an accountant , but one that specializes in this new law change.
if you have spec property the IRS will penalize you
on forgiven debt

I would like to share a recent e mail with you about a
property i have for sale as a short sale, I received thru

W E ( is contacting you about 2017 Jacklin Ct, Naples, FL 34120, MLS#: 209026020. Here is the message:

I have a couple of questions with regards to this property. First, is there an active contract on it? Second, is the lender Wells Fargo? Due to prior bad experience with them on a short sale it is important that I know this. If you just want to state that they are not the lender so as not to say who is the lender that is fine. Thank you for your time and attention.

first let me state that it is not wells fargo , though i have had success with their short sales , but a lot depends on the loan type and the negociator you get.
secondly , i am not actively taking offers on jacklin YET unless i have a serious buyer , and i will explain why .
the old method of short sales invites all to make offers prematurely ,  ultimately
the buyers lose patience or find something else ( and rightfully so , in most cases)
and withdraw there offer leaving the realtor and mitigator to start all over again with a new offer
from a new buyer or worse multiple offers.
this actually draws out the process.
MY way , which will soon be the norm is:
that an investor has already made a cash offer on the deal in hopes of fixing
it up and reselling at a profit ..When the bank indicates to us a reasonable price that is acceptable to
my investor , he will pay cash and advertise this as NORMAL sale at a reasonable price
close in 30 to 45 days , just like any transaction
if for whatever reason he chooses not to buy it , at least the bank has approved the specific
amount and is ready to go  , and i can advertise it as an APPROVED short sale
they usually give me 30-45 days to close
that also eliminates everyones current problem
so please watch the listing and look for an adjusted price and /or Appoved short sale status
please check out my websites below
Thank You,

L.Larry Damiano

CALL 239-298-2392  x 105
or e mail LLDLLD@AOL.COM
BY THE WAY on a short sale the bank will not allow you the seller to get any money from the sale
BUT you don't pay us either, the BUYER does
out of the Sales  Price

Can't Refinance due to the

No Equity?    Low Scores?    Late Payments?
Owe more on the House then what it is worth?

Primary Residencies   
Second Homes

YOU CAN lower your interest rate and monthly mortgage payment!!


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for a free consultation

TODAY'S FIXED RATES  <rate change>
30 YR FIXED 5.125%   0 POINTS or  4.875%    1 point
15 YR FIXED  4.875 %   0 POINTS or  4.5%   1 point
 5  YR ARM    
Loan Modification  *
* warning the use of the word or words loan modification or modify is for informational purposes . only individuals or a business licensed with the  State of Florida ,Bureau of Finance Regulation can offer and be compensated for a Loan Modification
in Florida.  This may also include Attorneys who solicit you  . Do not give any money upfront to anyone unless you check with the Bureau of Finance Regulation  

Today's normal FNMA rates are listed above
 however in a LOAN MODIFICATION the lender
faces the possibility of losing thousands by foreclosing  and taking the house back , so they have ,in the past,  re written (or modified) the loan to as low a 1 % fixed . no adjustable , no balloon .

Tell us about your situation ( leave blanks where not
applicable) and you can talk to us for your free consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foreclosure?

Home foreclosure is a process by which a lender forces the sale of a property which they financed . IF no one buys the property at the courthouse steps in a public auction for cash , the lender is forced to take  ownership of  the  property  and eventually sell it themselves . Typically, foreclosure  is started because the borrower or homeowner is behind on house payments and is unable to catch up, often due to circumstances outside of his or her control. When a new owner is established at the Auction at  the courthouse steps,  the homeowner must move out of the house after being notified by the Sheriffs office , therefore, losing all possession of the property and jeopardizing any possible equity that the homeowner may have in the home. There is a legal time frame, which varies from state to state, which determines how long the foreclosure process can take.

Do I have enough time to stop foreclosure?

Up until the foreclosure sale occurs there is still hope. If a sale date for your house has been set you need to act fast. Foreclosure  sales set for the next day  have been stopped  by paying off the full balance or by JUDGES orders , but this is very risky . You're best option is to take action immediately to stop foreclosure before it goes too far.

What can be done to for me ?

There are several options to get you out of foreclosure and protect your credit history. Loan Modification, Forbearance Agreement, Deed in Lieu and a short sale are some of the techniques used use to save your home. Call us so we can explain each of these to you  so you can determine which applies your particular situation.


What can loss mitigation do for me?

The goal of loss mitigation is to work out an agreement between the homeowner and the lender that will stop foreclosure proceedings permanently. This allows the homeowner to stay in their home and protects their credit history.

How does one  stop foreclosure?

one must determine your best alternatives. you  must ask about your lender's loss mitigation policies and your state's foreclosure law to make sure that  you make the bese choice  within the context of your situation. By working with  your choices and your  circumsatances  , you  can tailor a resolution to meet your specific criteria and financial circumstance.


How long do I have to act?

Time is of the essence when you are behind on house payments. Time is definitely not your friend in this situation. Each day that passes makes it that much harder to get a work out agreement with your lender that you can live with. The home foreclosure process can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months, depending on your state law and the method of foreclosure your lender chooses to use.


Several companies contacted me offering help. What should I do ?

There are many predatory companies who are not what they appear to be. Beware of unscrupulous companies who are actually just interested in buying your house at big discount, or attorneys who just want to take you into bankruptcy or companies that collect a consultation fee then do nothing for you.  Give us a call, speak with one of our professionals and judge for yourself. The consultation is FREE.


Should I negotiate with the lender myself?

Yes. If you are only a payment or two behind and your lender has not hired an attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings you may be able to negotiate a work out agreement yourself. If you are successful then you have saved yourself some funds that can be used to get caught up on your mortgage. Just remember, don't waste a lot of time on this. Time is not on your side right now. If you don't have something worked out within 1-2 weeks, then it's obvious that your lender is not serious about working things out with you directly. When you get to that point you will be better served by professional representation that can use the formal business and legal protocols to your advantage. Many times they will lead you to believe they are working out a resolution and then all of a sudden you get a letter from an attorney. By then it may be too late .

  Don't make that mistake.

More FAQ's

How long does it take for lenders to respond  once we fill out all of the paperwork?

Anywhere from 2 days to a few months. This depends on the stage of foreclosure, the state you live in, your financial position and the lending institution. Typically it takes several weeks to complete a work out agreement and stop foreclosure proceedings.



I'm currently in bankruptcy. Can  I be helped?

Yes.  Talk to your attorney . A common misconception is that Bankruptcy is the cure all and will help you keep your home . In reality , homeowners are telling us it is a band aid to gain time to correct  the situation .

However , a foreclosure will still happen if you can't meet the new payment arrangement . People are reporting the payments are a combination of the back payments that are late and new payments agreed upon.

Most  financial decisions  must be approved before a Bankruptcy Judge until you bankruptcy is finalized  .


  Sometimes after bankruptcy, it is easier to make a mortgage payment because other debts have been discharged. however you may still have a huge balance on a home valued at thousands less (Upside down, or under water ) we specialize in selling homes quickly in this situation ( SHORT SALE)



I've already talked with my lender and they just want all their money. Is this common?

Yes. Most homeowners  have experienced this kind of inflexibility from their lenders. Phone calls , we are hearing ,are a source of frustration and in accurate information. Each representative may  give conflicting answers . There are usually policies in place for your situation that require proper documents to be presented in a specific manner in order to get results .  


Should I file for bankruptcy to save my house?

That is a personal question that can be discussed and decided after meeting with Attorneys and other Real Estate professionals. The American Bar Association has reported that a high percentage of homeowners who declare bankruptcy end up losing their home to foreclosure anyway. Bankruptcy is very unlikely to help you save your home. If you declare bankruptcy you will likely end up with BOTH a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report. Afterwards lenders require

good credit for 2 years after a bankruptcy and for 4 years after a foreclosure in order to qualify for the best FNMA or FHA type home loans .

What if I can no longer afford my home? What do I do ?

 If you are certain that you cannot afford your home any longer and wish to sell, we can help you to secure a short sale payoff  at no cost to you . A deed-in lieu of foreclosure agreement with your Bank is often suggested by the lender . They want you  to sign over the deed and leave . Often times these agreements can be just as damaging to your credit as a foreclosure. In any case , a deficiency balance

must also be avoided .  ( the difference between what  you owe and what the bank

recieved at foreclosure or deed transfer ) 


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